Ramai di antara newbie masih belum mengenali istilah-istilah yang selalu di guna dalam pelaburan emas. Mari kita lihat serba sedikit istilah tersebut.

1140042~Emil-J-N-Who-Runs-an-Assay-Office-Which-Tests-Gold-Nevada-City-California-PostersAssay:To test a metal for purity.

Bar:Typical gold product, either for trading or for accumulation. Bars come in a variety of shapes weights and fineness and different bars are favoured in different parts of the world

imagesBear (bearish):Someone expecting prices to fall (downtrend)

Bull (bullish):Someone expecting prices to rise (uptrend)

bullionBullion:Originally meaning melting place, from the French bouillon, boiling, derived from the Latin bullio

Bullion coin: A legal tender coin whose market price depends on its gold content, rather than its rarity or face value.

kilo bar

Kilo bar: A bar weighing one kilogram -approximately 32.1507 troy ounces.

Pennyweight: An American unit of weight for gold. Twenty pennyweights equal one ounce.

Troy ounce: The standard weight in which gold is quoted in the international market, weighing 31.1035g (see also our Weights Conversion table). Named after the old French city of Troyes, where there was an annual trading fair in mediaeval days and where this was a unit of weight.

spot priceSpot price: The price for spot delivery which in the gold market is two days from the trade date

Spread: The difference between Bid (the price a buyer is prepared to pay for gold) and Ask (the price a seller offers) prices.

Stop Loss Order: An order that will close out a loss making position when the price reached a specific level. Such trades are carried out on a best efforts basis, since it cannot be guaranteed that a specific price will be traded if the markets are moving rapidly (as they often are when large amounts of stop losses are triggered)

Loco: The place at which gold is held and to which a delivery price applies. London is the common denominator world-wide and represents the basis for international trading and settlement in gold and silver.


Fineness: Gold purity, usually expressed in parts per thousand; thus 995 or two nines five is 995/1000 or 99.5% pure. 995 was the highest purity to which gold could be manufactured when good delivery (q.v.) was determined, but for very high technology applications now it is possible to produce metal of up to 99.9999% purity.

Karat: Unit of fineness, scaled from one to 24. 24 karat gold (or pure gold) has at least 999 parts pure gold per thousand

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