Gold Investment Digest – First quarter 2011

Salam….lama sungguh aku tak update blog ni..hahhahahha..sebok sgt tu tak la juger…tetiba lak ari ni cam nak post sesuatu .Terima kasih pada korang yg ada visit blog ni lagi dan mengdonlod apa yg patut.

Post kali ni aku hanya nak letak laporan jer dari WGC.


Gold’s long-term supply and demand dynamics and several macro-economic factors ensured gold remained a sought-after asset in Q1 2011. Following a consolidation in January, gold ended the quarter on a firm footing, returning 2.4% over the period.

Price Trends

The gold price continued its upward trend, rising during the first quarter of 2011 by 2.4% to finish the quarter at US$1,439/oz, on the London PM fix (the gold price referenced in the rest of the text will refer to the London PM fix). While gold’s performance seemed more modest relative to average gains of 6.2% per quarter over the past two years, its consistency and robust growth trend has contributed significantly to its ability to provide diversification, risk management and wealth preservation to an investor’s portfolio.

Investment Trends

Investor activity in the gold market during Q1 2011 differed by region. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the US and the UK experienced net redemptions, while demand for their European and Indian counterparts increased. Coin and bar purchases remained high while activity in the futures and the over-the-counter (OTC) markets dwindled in January but picked up by quarter-end.

Market And Economic Inffluences

The first part of Q1 2011 was characterised by improved investor sentiment, as concerns about the European sovereign debt crisis subsided (or were already priced in) while economic data in the US was increasingly upbeat. However, continued unrest in Africa and the Middle East forced oil and energy prices up which, in turn, increased the likelihood of a much longer road to normalisation of economic growth in developed countries and the potential deceleration of some emerging economies.

Gold Market Trends

Gold price performance during 2010 was the combination of strong investment activity, a recovery in jewellery demand (especially in India) and a normalisation of gold demand in technological applications to historical levels. While mine production increased slightly in 2010, recycling activity marginally slowed down and central banks turned net buyers for the first time in two decades. Preliminary reports for Q1 2011 indicate healthy but mixed activity in the market, with demand responding in part to changes in the gold price.

kalu nak baca penuh siap tgk chart dia leh donlod PDF kat SINI

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