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Mari kita sambung sedikit istilah-istilah yang lain untuk pengetahuan bersama

american eagleFace Value: The nominal value given to legal tender coin or currency (for example a 1-oz. Gold American Eagle coin has a face value of $50).

Fob: An fob price refers to the price of a commodity on a vessel at its point of departure, and usually includes transport insurance and loading costs; hence Free on Board

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Ramai di antara newbie masih belum mengenali istilah-istilah yang selalu di guna dalam pelaburan emas. Mari kita lihat serba sedikit istilah tersebut.

1140042~Emil-J-N-Who-Runs-an-Assay-Office-Which-Tests-Gold-Nevada-City-California-PostersAssay:To test a metal for purity.

Bar:Typical gold product, either for trading or for accumulation. Bars come in a variety of shapes weights and fineness and different bars are favoured in different parts of the world

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